Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PMP Personnel Services... Satisfaction At It's Best

There are many different aspects to a job that can make it gratifying. Some look at the pay and knowing they can live comfortably, or there are the benefits, and some of the time it's your coworkers that make your job worthwhile. While all of these are good, with us at PMP these are just the side parts to making this job satisfying. The true icing on the cake comes from knowing that we are helping people get our of bad spots. Knowing we can help a person find a job that they like and have them finally reach the point where they are receiving the gratifying parts of the job.

Having someone walk in the office with a flower and say thank you for helping me out of that difficult time in life, that is what puts the smile on our faces. There is also another part to this, the client. Having that relationship with our clients and knowing we are helping them and their business. When you come into your office and have a card sitting on your desk from a client because they appreciate the hard work you've put in and they know the stress and frustration that sometimes occurs when finding good people.

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Dana Page
Client Service Representative
PMP Personnel Services


I am currently working for Great Lake Int'l Trading. I cam here as a temp through PMP. PMP was always courteous and very professional. Ron was very nice and answered any questions I had. I had a good experience working with PMP and would recommend anyone to PMP an dto this day, still do. 

It was good to be a part of a company (PMP) who understood my needs and qualifications and placed me in the right job. 

Thanks PMP. I love my job and if it wasn't for PMP I would not be here right now.