Monday, September 14, 2015

Benefits of Being a Temp

The workforce can be a daunting place when looking for a career.  Did you know there are more options than simply finding a permanent position?  As we continue to see job growth across the country, more and more companies are looking to fill temporary positions in their team.  While temporary work isn’t for everyone, it offers tons of benefits for those looking to enhance their career right now.

Flexibility:  Are you looking for the perfect position without the commitment?  A temporary job may be the answer.  With a temp position, you are in control of your career.  You have the power to choose a job that fits around your lifestyle choices including location, duration and career breaks.

New Skills and Experience:  As a temp employee, you are likely to move around different companies and take on new roles.  The experience you will gain from different types of work with help you with future endeavors.  Seeing how different companies operate and what various jobs consist of can help you make an educated guess on your next career.

Enhanced Resume:  Temping is a great way to build and improve your resume.  The more experience added on your resume from temp work, the more likely you are to find the career of your dreams.  Instead of a gap in your resume while in-between jobs, you can add to your skill set with a temp position.

Networking:  Every job you have opens the door to new relationships.  As you take on temp jobs, you have more and more opportunities to network.  Making personal connections and building your professional network will help you when it comes to finding a future job.

At PMP Personnel Services, we connect great people with great jobs.  From temporary to permanent staffing, we are happy to match qualified candidates with a position of their interest.  If you’re ready to dive into a temporary position, let the team at PMP Personnel Services help!  Contact our professionals online on our website.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PMP Personnel Services... Satisfaction At It's Best

There are many different aspects to a job that can make it gratifying. Some look at the pay and knowing they can live comfortably, or there are the benefits, and some of the time it's your coworkers that make your job worthwhile. While all of these are good, with us at PMP these are just the side parts to making this job satisfying. The true icing on the cake comes from knowing that we are helping people get our of bad spots. Knowing we can help a person find a job that they like and have them finally reach the point where they are receiving the gratifying parts of the job.

Having someone walk in the office with a flower and say thank you for helping me out of that difficult time in life, that is what puts the smile on our faces. There is also another part to this, the client. Having that relationship with our clients and knowing we are helping them and their business. When you come into your office and have a card sitting on your desk from a client because they appreciate the hard work you've put in and they know the stress and frustration that sometimes occurs when finding good people.

Check out our website and get connected!

Dana Page
Client Service Representative
PMP Personnel Services


I am currently working for Great Lake Int'l Trading. I cam here as a temp through PMP. PMP was always courteous and very professional. Ron was very nice and answered any questions I had. I had a good experience working with PMP and would recommend anyone to PMP an dto this day, still do. 

It was good to be a part of a company (PMP) who understood my needs and qualifications and placed me in the right job. 

Thanks PMP. I love my job and if it wasn't for PMP I would not be here right now. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Referral Bonus Now Available at PMP

A referral is the act of referring someone for a consultation, review, job or further action.  At PMP Personnel Services, we thrive on referrals.  Part of the reason why we have success in connecting great people with great jobs is because our employees consistently refer friends and family members.  This plays a big part in the reason why we have decided to start a referral bonus!

PMP would like to offer our existing full time employees a $50 referral bonus for sending PMP quality employees that want to work.  If your referral works 480 hours for PMP, you take home a $50 referral bonus!  Interested in learning more?  See your PMP representative today for more information on this exciting referral program.

PMP offers full time temporary to permanent positions with many of Northwest Michigan’s premier manufacturing, medical, resort and financial institutions.  We are the areas leading recruiter represented by Certified Staffing Specialists.  We offer weekly pay, holiday pay, vacation pay, health care benefits, great working environments and more!

With offices located throughout Northern Michigan, visit PMP Personnel Services at one of our three locations:

Petoskey Office:
1170 Bay View Rd.
Petoskey, MI 49770

Gaylord Office:
1723 W. M-32
Gaylord, MI 49735

Traverse City Office:
333 Cass Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684

We are accepting applications at each of our locations for those looking for a job.  With the highest level of service for our clients, we will match the right job to the right person through extensive interviewing, testing, and training.  To learn more about what PMP Personnel Services has to offer, visit our website or visit one of our locations.  PMP is an equal opportunity employer celebrating 21 years of connection great people with great jobs.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

 Certified Staffing Specialists (CTS)

We at PMP Personnel Services are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service to our clients. Those looking for employees, and those looking for a job, we match the right job to the right person. By providing extensive interviewing, testing and training by the only nationally Certified Staffing Specialists (CTS), in northern Michigan you are sure to get exactly what you're looking for.

Matching the most qualified candidates with your staffing needs is an essential and complex task in business, one that should be entrusted to a certified professional. The CTS designation is the only nationally recognized designation for members of the staffing industry.

This year we are celebrating our 21st year of connecting great people with great jobs!

Can you say you work with a CTS? We'd love to hear about the experience you had! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Core Beliefs….What are yours?

We have the power to connect great people with great jobs!  Through our excellent range of services including screening, testing, and a placement process, we provide you with the staff of your dreams.  Looking for employment opportunities?  We offer three different types of placement including temp, temp to hire, and permanent placement.  PMP follows an important set of core beliefs that has allowed us to be in the staffing industry for over 20 years:

We believe that all candidates must pass our pre-hire screening process that includes background checks, drug screening, work references, skills testing, and pre-hire interviewing onsite.  Whether we are screening for a physician or a housekeeper, we apply the same methods to all of our candidates.

We believe that our pool of candidates are highly qualified and talented, therefore we always pay fair and equitable wages.  Safety is important to us which is why we conduct regular facility plant tours and MiOSHA inspections to ensure a safe work environment.

We believe that in order to ensure a good fit, our clients should have the opportunity to test drive our candidate(s) before a permanent hiring decision is made.  And at the end of that test drive, there are no further costs to our client!  Our clients never pay a buy-out fee. 

We believe that if an employee is not a good fit for the client, they have the right to end the assignment at any time at NO additional cost!  The client pays only for the duration of time in which our employee is working for them.  We call that a win-win!

We believe that our staff stays current and informed on issues like employment law, placement, and ethics of the personnel business.  Our staff is Certified Staffing Specialists (CTS) and/or Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC); PMP is one of few agencies in Northern Michigan who require the staff to be certified!

Whether you’re a company or an individual looking for that ideal fit, our core beliefs will drive your decision.   Visit us online at  We are an equal opportunity employer with the perfect match for you!  We can make your dreams a reality.